Honey Beehives Protection unit

We at M & M Designs have a system to protect your Honey Beehives from animals. this unit can protect up to 10 hives at a time. the unit will cost you around 8,000.00 each. But to protect an investment that can take up to 3 years to start paying you back. protecting the honey and the bees from animals like bears / badgers / skunks and many others is a must. so you see 8,000.00 is not a bad price.

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M & M Designs Custom Skylight unit                             February 2, 2012

first you will be using 3" pvc pipe, t’s, and 90 deg’s with our custom designed solar collecting Head, will collect the sun light and direct the light through the pipes to our custom designed light units, which are made to fit in the same area as a normal 2 foot / 4 foot / 6 foot & 8 foot Fluorescent Lighting boxes.

This system will allow you to bring in natural lighting into any and every area you need it, this system also has a back up low energy Fluorescent Lighting system build in, for those over cast days, where the natural lighting is limited.

This system is good for new construction, plus since it uses 3" pvc pipes it can be installed in preexisting building and homes with ease, which will lower the energy costs.

Our custom design system, allows you can have tons of natural lighting ... without have to cut huge holes in the roof, and will allow you to bring sunlight to areas like basements, underground areas like parking areas and even caves or mines.

I am asking for help in developing this system, so I can bring it to the market, I have copyrights on the system, but I am not uploading any design drawing, to protect the design, until it is done with developing and marketing.

But I figure that this system might cost like 5,000.00 to retrofit a normal size 2 story with basement house, then price goes up from there.

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