Beach protection system by M & M Designs

We at M & M Designs also have a way to protect an ocean beach, up to 200 feet offshore and 1200 feet long (or protect an area of 5-1/2 acres). An aquarium test showed promise, now the idea needs to move from an aquarium tests to open water tests. Now I will need help to run small scale open water experiments. Before I can bring the system to market. However I am a designer, I am not a professional camera operator or a scuba diver. So open water tests will require some funding to get accomplished. Because I do not just want only one open water test, I want 6 to 10 tests done, each in an different area of the ocean with different kinds of sharks and if they all show that the sharks are being keep from the food they want so badly. Then you must ask your self, if the system can protect something the sharks really really wanted offshore, then why wouldn’t the system work to protect you at your local beach. Once open water tests are completed, the system will be available for sale and once the system is in place at your local beach, this system will protect both human and sharks lives. Do to the fact that this system does not use nets or any of the other harmful shark replanting system. Yes this system will cost your town or city government $300,000.00 plus taxes and permits for every 1200 feet of beach you want to protect.

Now you must ask your self, is protection from possible shark attack at the local beach (or your life), worth the price of one medium size house? Then you must ask your self, how much more income from tourists will you or your town receive, if your towns beaches are safe from shark / human interaction? Plus once the open water tests are complete, each town or city will have a video record of those test as prof that the system works. And that record can be set up, so all beach goers can see the tests on a beach welcoming system monitor.

In addition if your town or city wants, we can install a backup 3 phase Generator for $60,000.00, plus we can install an underwater video system for another $200,000.00 plus the cost of the 10 cameras needed to do the job. And this underwater video system can be set up to be seen from the beach welcoming system monitor.

New design for a marine animals Research tracking tag

M & M Designs also has a new design for marine animals tracking tag.  This New Design should allow for long term Scientific research of marine animals. Our research tag is designed to do the job of 5 different tags all in one. Designed to travel deep into the ocean to what I hope will be a max depth of 40,000 feet, (and yes i know the ocean is only 36,000 feet deep) i have over designed to deal with fast moving animals. So with its on board cameras, this satellite tracking tag will not only allow you to know where the animal you tagged (whales, dolphins, sharks) is, via GPS. This unit can do a quick down load via satellite, so you will be able to see everything the animal sees. Plus since this tag attaches to the animal and will stay on the animal like a pop off tag, only this design will last for 5 to 10 years. Which will allow you to make new discoveries of the deep, by letting the animals of the oceans, show us the ocean.

In addition since world laws are changing this tag may help slow or even help to stop shark finning or whaling, since the tag has cameras and dose quick down load of its data. Those who do the finning or whaling cannot remain faceless or nameless. That way law enforcement can take action and if law enforcement does not do their jobs, then mass media (tv/radio/internet) can run the information for all to see, which may force those doing the finning or whaling into hiding or at least just force them out of the finning or whaling business. 

We at M & M Designs have a way to turn the Centralia, Pennsylvania mine fire, from a disaster, into a major positive for the town and country. Down side is we need 2 billion to make this idea happen. This idea is so simple. not sure why no one has do it yet.

We at M & M Designs are happy to tell you, we now have 3 ship yard designs, that will bring 1000's of more jobs, but we cannot do anything without you.

we at M & M Designs also have our own Wind Power System design ... but we need your help to bring it to market.

We at M & M Designs now have a three new ship designs, these designs are for Scientific research / cruises & rescue recovery.  These designs will also use little to no fuel to travel the worlds oceans. That is right these ships do not use fuel of any kind, to travel the world.

We at M & M Designs now have a great idea for all electric boat, that never needs charging. for the everyday person. but we need your help to make it happen, it will bring lots of new job's as well.

We at M & M Designs have also designed ways to reduce the Invading Species of Florida (USA), The Snakes, The lizards, The Fire Ants and ways to get rid of the Lion fish, and even take on the Asian carp.

The Hideaway Beer and Alcohol brewing Still 

We at M & M Designs have come up with new Custom made Portable Still idea.  That will let you run a 50 gallon mash run at a time, 100% portable and completely stealthy.  This system is not cheap, it is $9000.00 ... plus tax and delivery cost for each one completed, or $5000.00 down and the rest on delivery .. However this Still idea makes it's own power, which allows you to run the Still in places, where no one is expecting you to be running a Still. plus it will only take 5 runs for the still to pay for it's self.  now since you can run this Still year round, the amount you could make is ?? Well, you do the math, because you know what your stuff is going for.  However we need your help to bring it to market. If interested contact me using the contact form on page 2 of this site. Thank you.   And remember you may have to get permits to brew Alcohol, so know the laws before you try. Or at lease know where the law is before you try.

   Asteroid Detection and Tracking System

We at M & M Designs also have an idea how to Detection and Tracking an Asteroid before it get to earth. This system will be easy to put in orbit, because you attach it to satellites in orbit already then once you bring it on line you will start finding Asteroids with ease.

Environmentally safe Lead Free Sinkers

We at M & M Designs have also come up with a new fishing sinker to help Save the Environment but we need your help to get them on the market.

Stink Bug Killing Unit

This Unit is a stand alone outdoor system that will attract the bugs and make sure they never trouble you again. It uses many ways to attract the bugs to the unit then kills them completely.  but we need your help to get them on the market.

Camping tent warming system

We at M & M Designs, now have a camping tent warming system that will keep your tent nice and warm on cold early summer or on those late fall nights out camping. This system is simple to use. And Once it is in production we will offer a 4 tent system (family pack) or a single tent unit. Plus you do not have to get any special kind of tent for this system to work.

Flea Elimination unit

We at M & M Designs also have a Flea Elimination unit, this unit will attract the fleas like a magnet to metal. then is kills them. but need to be taken from a design to a working unit and that will take some money ... so get a t-shirt or two and tell your friends too. Help change the world one T-shirt at a time.

Abalone fishing shark shield idea

That is right we at M & M Designs have an idea for a abalone fishing shark shield, this shield will allow you to move around quickly and easily but still give you protection from shark attack while diving.

Fishing scent pack

Our Newest product will improve your fishing trip 10 fold.

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