To Whom it may concern                                                                     February 5, 2012

The Mega Bullseye range, is still a concept needing money, once it is completed and up and running. It will be a place were kids, adults, pros shooters, plus Police well also enjoy our range, because with both the indoor and outdoor ranges, on site that is 300 + acres. we can offer firing ranges from 10 foot to 1500 yards. year round fun, we also hope to have walking trails ranges, and even buildings for CQB (close quarters battle) and much more. now Guns of any type are not cheap ... not even the air guns. plus since we have a custom designed main building to build and land to buy, this will not be cheap to get up and running ... i would figure in the total cost some place in the neighborhood of  4 to 5 million. less if we take out the gun rental for now, and have people bring there own weapons. In any case with a employed crew of 20 to 50 people this range will offer a large range of services. the range will be a safe place to have fun and learn weapon safety for all ages.  we also plain to include "GO GREEN" systems into the site, so that the range will have a lower impact on the environment.

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         Back Yard Hydro Electric power system

THAT"S right M & M Designs has even designed a power plant for the back yard, NO JOKE ... the system is small, self contained, and will power your hole house and may even power your entire block (maybe), now like the Skylight system i am not up loading any designs,  I am asking for help in developing this system, so I can bring it to the market, I have copyrights on the system, but I am not uploading any design drawing, to protect the design, until it is done with developing and marketing.

YOU can help by BUYING our book or t-shirts and other products


To Whom it may concern

M & M Designs now has a new deep sea off shore Life Raft design. we have taken the common Life Raft and made it into a Life Raft that will always get you rescued. but we include a super Survival kit, just in case Nature gets in the way and slows things down. but i need help to bring it to market.

                                            Custom Designed Gold Dredging Boat

To Whom it may concern

M & M Designs now has a gold dredging boat Design, that i call the Super Dredge. plus this boat is a great Scientific research platform. We also have a smaller mini Dredge for those who do not want the big one. but i need help to get it on the market.


Apartment complex

M & M Designs also has designed a cool 42 apartment, 3 story apartment building design. each unit has 3 bedrooms. The complex includes wind power generators, as well as our custom designs Hydro Electric power system and Skylight system for make the complexes "GO  GREEN".  So the complex is self contained, so it uses less power from the other companies. which will lower the rental prices, and allow people make it in to days world.

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The Super Auto Repair Center

M & M Designs also has designed a auto repair shop, this design has all kinds of "GO GREEN" stuff designed into it as well .. it has everything to do simple oil changes, to complete from the frame up rebuild and pimp your ride to the max. a place where people can take classes, for do it your self auto repair or just let the pro's do it for you.

YOU can help by BUYING our book or t-shirts and other products
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